Sticker Shock? A Novice Vessel Owner's Guide To Boat Decals

When you buy your first boat, you take on a fantastic responsibility: the task of making your boat your own. This entails changing the boat's license or registration so it reflects your ownership and also customizing your boat's appearance with appropriate legal markings and personalized effects. Simple though the task may sound, you should give your boat's decals special attention to ensure that your boat not only stays legal, but also reflects your personality.

Tips For Designing Advertising Signs

Your company's advertising signs can be a critical part of your marketing strategy; they can help attract new customers to your business and give them a lasting first impression. Here are some tips on designing advertising signs that will impress your potential clients. Use Scale Correctly The sizing of your letters can help viewers determine what's most important on your sign. Having some fonts that are larger than others is a good idea, but don't overdo it.

Affordable Ways To Promote Your Small Business

As a small business owner with a limited budget, you need to advertise your business in inexpensive ways. Your growth depends on advertising, yet your financial stability depends on being frugal. Here are some thrifty ways to advertise your business without busting your budget. Promotional Items You can buy economical promotional items in bulk that have your business logo and contact info printed on them. Many promo items can be had for under $1.