Six Tips For Using A Billboard To Propose To Someone You Love

If you want to propose to the love of your life in a truly unique way, consider renting a billboard to express your undying love and devotion. When you are having the billboard created, there are a few things to take into consideration though. The following guide walks everything you should and should not include on a billboard when proposing to the person you love.

Do Not Include Your or Their Picture

You do not want to include a picture of you or your loved one on the billboard because someone could then use the images without your knowledge. If you post the images and they are not copyrighted, someone could use them in a way that you do not want them to be used.

Do Not Include Your Last Names

You do not want millions of people attempting to contact you or your loved one for telemarketing or to try to date you or your love, so do not include your last names. This will decrease the chances of telemarketers getting your information or salespeople trying to talk to you.

Do Not Include Your Contact Information

To ensure that no one can try to sell you things, do not include any form of contact information. You do not need to include your phone number, address, or email address on the billboard because your love should already have all of your contact information.

Do Select the Right Billboard Location

Be sure to choose a billboard that you know the person will see. You could place it on the route they take to and from work to ensure they see it, if you want.

Do Make Sure Your Love Will Know It Is For Them

Even though you do not want to include last names or images of you and your love, you could include an image in the background that will help reassure the person that the billboard is for them. Have a picture of a place you have visited together or an image of their favorite animal. This will let them know right away that you are proposing to them.

Do Make Sure You Time the Rental Properly

You do not want to rent the billboard for a long period of time because it can be quite costly and will be a waste of money after your loved one first sees it. Be sure to have it set up on a date when you know he or she will be taking that route and only rent it for a few days or up to a week, just to make sure they get a chance to look at it.

Once you have taken all of the tips into consideration, you can have the billboard created. You will get to approve the look of the billboard before it is actually made to ensure that all of the minute details you want included on the billboard are met. To learn more about the billboard design process, talk to a company like Creative Signworks Inc billboards.