Tips For Designing Advertising Signs

Your company's advertising signs can be a critical part of your marketing strategy; they can help attract new customers to your business and give them a lasting first impression. Here are some tips on designing advertising signs that will impress your potential clients.

Use Scale Correctly

The sizing of your letters can help viewers determine what's most important on your sign. Having some fonts that are larger than others is a good idea, but don't overdo it. Signs that are in all caps, or signs where some lettering is twenty times larger than the rest may seem gimmicky and actually turn people away from your message. 

Leave Space

The blank space on your sign can be just as important as your words and images. If a sign is too packed, it may be uncomfortable for viewers to read; try leaving at least a third of the space blank. At the same time, you need to make sure that your letters are easy to read, even from a distance. Some graphic design tools will allow you to change the spacing in between letters to create more legible text. 

Think Symmetry

Another important factor in designing an attractive sign is symmetry. When your sign is unbalanced, it may draw your viewer's eye to just one corner of the page. While absolute symmetry isn't necessary, it's good to balance the number of objects on each side of the page, and on the top and bottom halves. You can turn your design upside down in order to judge the balance of space aside from the content. 

Use Clear Imagery

Images can be problematic for signs. Photos might be too dense to make out clearly from a distance, and line art won't catch the eye of passersby. Airbrush is one helpful tool for companies to create imagery that is both attractive and clear. The airbrush is used to spray paint or ink onto your sign, and you can create both fine details and larger swathes of color. You may want to work with a graphic design firm to create airbrushed versions of your logo or photos for the sign. 

Graphic design of a great sign can be tricky, as you want to get people's attention and deliver the right message. A design professional can help you decide the strengths and weaknesses of your design before your business goes public with an advertising sign. The tips above will help you get started on creating a sign that is both tasteful and powerful. 

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