Affordable Ways To Promote Your Small Business

As a small business owner with a limited budget, you need to advertise your business in inexpensive ways. Your growth depends on advertising, yet your financial stability depends on being frugal. Here are some thrifty ways to advertise your business without busting your budget.

Promotional Items

You can buy economical promotional items in bulk that have your business logo and contact info printed on them. Many promo items can be had for under $1.00 each when you buy in large enough quantities. Be sure to choose an item that relates to your business and will be of real use to your customers. Here are some ideas for relevant items for specific businesses:

  • Mouse pads for a computer repair business
  • Stain removal charts for an appliance repair business
  • Pens for a freelance writing service
  • Pet name tags for a pet grooming service

Auto Decals

You can get affordable advertising for your small business by investing in an auto decal for your vehicle. Whenever you're on the road, you'll be advertising your business with no additional effort on your part. Vinyl or magnetic decals don't harm your paint's finish, and you can even change them up according to the seasons if you want.

Another way to use auto decals is to pay others to showcase your auto decals on their vehicles. A nominal sum paid for every day they are willing to display your business on their car can help others to earn money while you earn new business. Companies like Image Works Media Inc can help you find the right decals for your needs.


Your town probably has a high school with sports teams. High school teams always need sponsorships from local businesses to help pay for uniforms, bus rentals and food. In return for your donation, you could advertise your business either on the sports jerseys, on drink cups, on scoreboards, or on banners displayed on the sidelines during games. You could also ask the score announcers to mention your business name on the loudspeakers in between plays.

Door-to-Door Flyers

Hang tags are door flyers that are meant to fit around door knobs on front doors. These inconspicuous flyers can help you to reach customers right where they live. The most successful flyers offer something of value to the customer so they don't just throw your flyer in the trash. Have a coupon printed on the flyer so your potential customers will keep it and give you a call when they need your service.

Advertising in affordable ways is a fast path to success.